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Copy Cat 3.0

It can be helpful at times when you want to copy a CD or DVD which is scratched

Copy Cat is an application that has the ability to copy damaged files from your Windows system or other bad media that cannot be copied by Windows. What it does is that it actually skips the bytes, which are not readable from a file and copies all other bytes, therefore it extracts maximum data, which is normally not done by copy-paste operation.

Copy Cat can be helpful when you want to copy a CD or DVD which is unreadable/ scratched, or when you want to copy data from hard drive area which is partially not readable, or when you want to copy data from floppy disk which is currently sending mistake error messages.

Remember if seriously damaged, the data won’t be recovered but unlike normally is done it will no t stop trying to recover it gives the user the choice to skip bad sectors. A video is provided the web site explaining how this works. Copy Cat it is a fast data recovery tool and is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

It is not the best choice out there and it has a one file selection limitation, so if you want to copy multiple files it will be slow.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Recover and copy damaged files


  • You cannot select more than one file at the time
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